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Transportation of cargo (additional cargo) by land

The main advantages of land freight transportation:

Ease of transportation:

Trucking allows for the transportation of almost any cargo, regardless of size or weight. 

Acceptable price:

This type of transportation is much cheaper than rail or air transportation

Immediate dispatch:

Cargo is dispatched without delay, which is a competitive advantage over other modes of transportation that require cargo consolidation.  


Cargo is transported after insurance has been issued, which ensures the safety of the cargo.

The main disadvantages of land freight transportation:

Dependency on the road network:

Bad roads can lead to delays in cargo delivery or even damage to the cargo.

Long distance delivery costs:

Transporting small cargo over long distances can be expensive

Weight and dimensions restrictions:

Auto transport has restrictions on the weight and dimensions of transported cargo.

Dependency on weather conditions:

Difficult weather conditions can lead to delays in the delivery of goods or even damage to them.